Meet Apex Legends and their hacks

In February 2019, video game fans from all over the world celebrated the launch of Apex Legends. Although it is another game of the genre Battle Royale caused great excitement in the community, managing to register around 50 million players from different latitudes.

Its success was such that even its creators were surprised and its closest competitor, the well-known Fortnite, was confronted for the first time in a long time with a contender that made him tremble.

Apex Legends has interesting characters, each with special abilities and powers. The game is designed to work as a team, which is why there must be great cooperation between players, communication and a good strategy.

As often happens with this type of games where the competition is very strong, shortly after its release you could find one or another Apex Legends hack, or what is the same, tricks that allow you to get a great advantage over the rest of the competitors. One of the most sought after in no doubt the Apex Legends Aimbot, thanks to its lethal power.

But before talking with a little more detail about these tricks, we will review the main features of the game.

It has already been said that it belongs to the Battle Royale genre, this means that it consists of the confrontation of several players resulting in the winner the last one remaining alive. It starts landing in a field without having any weapons or equipment, these must be sought at the same time you have to avoid being eliminated by the other players.

Apex Legends can be obtained for free and is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Android devices.

If you are a beginner in the game or do not have much experience in Battle Royale, you may be tempted to use some Apex Legends hack, but before doing so, it is necessary to bear in mind that this is penalized by the game and that if your use, the safest thing is that you are suspended either temporarily or permanently.

One of the features that most attracts the attention of the game is that it allows you to move freely, since damage from falls does not exist in Apex Legends. It is also possible to slide down slopes no matter how steep your slope is, to know how many platoons remain alive and mark enemies, locations and objects.

The Apex Legends hacks

As already mentioned, the creation and use of hacks in popular videogames like this one is common and its use is quite common.

There are different types of Apex Legends hack depending on the actions to which they are focused.

For example, the Apex Legends Aimbot are related to the effectiveness of the shots. With this hack it is possible to overcome the aiming mechanisms of the game that turn out to be somewhat complicated, at least while they know each other well.

When using Apex Legends Aimbot several features are available such as automatic triggering, advanced guidance and unlimited ammunition. The shots are aimed directly at the opponents’ heads, eliminating them quickly and effortlessly.

The accuracy is maintained regardless of the distance. The shots will always hit the target even if the target is running, is traveling by zip line, jumps or remains in continuous movement.

Apex Legends Aimbot allows the use of a sniper weapon to be deadly as it overrides the properties of bullets related to propagation, recoil and speed.

This hack, although it is lethal has the disadvantage that is easily detected by both the security systems of the games and the players, who suspect immediately when a competitor is able to hit the target every time he shoots regardless of what conditions it is.

For this reason, if it is used, it is best to do with discretion, that is, activate and deactivate it during the game in such a way that sometimes it is correct and sometimes not, to simulate a natural behavior.

Another very useful hack in Apex Legends is the one known as Wallhack or ESP. With him it is possible to know the location of enemies who are refugees in buildings or hidden behind walls.

It also provides information on the type of weapons they have, their state of health and their name, which is a great advantage over opponents.

On the other hand, it also places munitions and booties, which are necessary and of great importance during the competition.

The Wallhack is harder to detect than the Apex Legends Aimbot in spite of being lethal as he is, many prefer it.

Risks of using hacks in Apex Legends

Anyone can think that using hacks guarantees victory, but in reality it is not like that. When these tricks are used, there is a risk that the account will be blocked, thus losing everything that has been achieved so far.

Many will think that it does not matter because you can easily get another one and start over. While it is true, in the case of those players who have some recognition, being caught cheating can seriously affect their reputation.

On the other hand, when they are downloaded there is a possibility that it does not work as described. There have even been cases of powerful viruses that are found in this type of software.

In addition to this, the uncontrolled use of hacks makes a game lose popularity and excitement. Compete when you know you are always going to win (for those who use hacks) or otherwise, you will always lose (for those who have to face those who use them), there is nothing fun.

This is why many decide to abandon the competition and prefer other games where the use of hacks is lower or in case it is controlled and sanctioned.

Tips to win Apex Legends

The games of the Battle Royale genre have the peculiarity of becoming a kind of addiction for millions of people from all over the world. The fact of competing with a large number of opponents and winning is undoubtedly a source of pride and satisfaction.

To achieve this, the fans invest a lot of time practicing, studying the behavior of the experts, analyzing plays and applying all kinds of tricks.

In addition to this there are those who use some Apex Legends hack even when it is considered a cheat and is penalized with the suspension of the account, even until definitively.

The competition, when a game reaches the levels of popularity achieved by Apex Legends, becomes so strong that for many people using hacks to achieve progress is an alternative.

Novice players claim that without an Apex Legends hack it is very difficult to stay in the competition, as the most expert ones quickly eliminate them. This generates some frustration, therefore they decide to obtain advantage with its use.

When talking about Apex Legends hack refers to a special type of software developed by programmers outside the game in order to give the characters the ability to perform actions that normally can not be done and that is a great advantage over the rest of the competitors, even if they are expert players.

For example, with Apex Legends Aimbot it is possible to hit the target each time it is fired. As it is to be supposed this allows to eliminate the enemies without great effort.

But before talking about the hacks and other types of Apex Legends tricks let’s review a bit about what the game is about.

Characteristics of Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free video game of the genre Battle Royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

It was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in February 2019, reaching popularity in a few weeks. Its success was such that it seemed to threaten the supremacy of the legendary Fortnite.

The objective of the game is the same as that of the other games of this genre, that is, to be the last to stay alive. Everything starts when you land on a map without any type of weapon or equipment, so the first task that must be done is to find them.

As the game progresses the scenario is reduced, which encourages confrontation among the participants. It is important to stay inside the game space otherwise, it is eliminated.

Unlike Fortnite, a team of three is played compulsory, so cooperation is essential.

It has eight characters, each with special characteristics and abilities, which allows each team to have powers that complement each other.

The games are a little longer than those of other games since there is the possibility of reviving the fallen comrades.

It is aimed more towards the young / adult audience than the children, its graphics are more realistic than those of other games.

It is a free access game but it has an important component of micro-payments.

Hacks for Apex Legends

That said, let’s get back to the subject of hacks.

As already mentioned, the hacks allow actions that are outside the normal abilities of the characters.

There are different types of hacks according to the type of action they are focused on. For example, those related to marksmanship are known as Apex Legends Aimbot.

Apex Legends Aimbot is a hack that improves the aim in such a way that all the shots that are made hit the target. This logically allows to have a great advantage over the rest of the competitors who do not have any opportunity to get out well.

In addition to eliminating the enemies, the ammunition saving is considerable since to hit all the shots no bullet is wasted.

The Apex Legends Aimbot is one of the basic hacks for shooting games. Aim guns automatically, shoot, follow targets, accumulate many deaths and cause great damage to opponents using different types of weapons.

The disadvantage of this hack is that it can be easily detected by experienced players that will surely report to the player. To avoid this, you should use it with caution and not abuse it.

It can be used eventually as an alternative to survival in the face of an extreme moment in which there is a great possibility of being eliminated.

If you decide to use a hack of this type, it is necessary to keep in mind that the creators of the game have a very strict stance towards them, which is why they have incorporated different security mechanisms capable of detecting them and banning the account of those who use them.

But in addition to Apex Legends Aimbot, there is another hack that is very useful and is more difficult to detect. It’s about the Wallhack.

With Wallhack you can see enemies, weapons, explosives, booties and different important objects through the walls. Also known as ESP or VAC, it is a pretty powerful hack given that the rapid theft in Apex Legends has many benefits.

Using this type of trick retains the excitement of the game, much more than when using an aimbot as it offers some advantage but still to win you must test the skill of the player.

Play Apex Legends without using hacks

Playing without using hacks may require a little more effort, but it is well worth it since it not only avoids the risk of blocking but also makes it much more fun.

For those who do not have so much experience it will surely be more difficult, but with practice and following some simple tips, they can achieve victory.

Within these tips are the not stop moving, not stay long in high places, use the open doors to climb higher, take the slopes to slip and gain speed, work as a team and have some kind of strategy.

Apex Legends and their tricks

Being the last one to be alive and get the victory in Apex Legends is the dream of millions of players from all over the world who have been captivated by this video game.

Although for many it is another game more of the Battle Royale style, Apex Legends has certain characteristics that sets it apart from these, especially from its closest competitor, the famous Fortnite.

The desire to win of so many players is what inspires hackers to develop small applications or programs that run at the same time as the game. This type of software allows the characters to acquire unusual skills and places them clearly ahead of others. These programs are known as hacks.

Using an Apex Legends hack is not well seen within the community of players, however there are many who sometimes use this resource to achieve progress, especially those who do not have much experience.

The use of this type of tricks implies the risk of account locking if it is detected by the security systems included in the video game. Also in case they manage to overcome them, the players themselves are usually very attentive to the use of any Apex Legends hack to report to who uses it.

When no measures are taken regarding the use of hacks, the game usually loses followers, since it is not motivating to participate in a competition where there is no opportunity to win because others cheat.

However, some people use discreetly some Apex Legends hack, either to get rid of a difficult situation when facing an expert player or only while they acquire some experience.

One of the most sought after tricks is the Apex Legends Aimbot for the damage it causes to the enemy. With this hack it is practically impossible to fail to make a shot, so it eliminates enemies without much effort.

But in spite of how effective it is, it has the disadvantage of being the Apex Legends Hack easier to detect not only by the security mechanisms of the game but by the other players due to the high percentage of hits in the shots, the trajectory of the bullets and the way to turn quickly to aim towards another objective.

Although many players focus on the Apex Legends Aimbot, there are others that are quite useful and also more difficult to detect, as is the case of Wallhack.

This hack allows to easily know the location of the enemies, as well as where the weapons, booties and different useful objects are, since with its activation it can be seen through the walls.

On the other hand, although it is similarly penalized and is also considered cheating, it is not as condemnable as the Apex Legends Aimbot because it causes less damage, players must perform other types of actions to win and allow to retain some emotion in the game. game.

But just as there are players who do not hesitate to use any hack to take advantage, others prefer to apply legal tips and tricks that they discover with either the practice or the experience of others.

Some useful tips for playing Apex Legends

The first thing to take into account when playing Apex Legends is that it is not designed to play alone but as a team so cooperation and coordination with peers is essential to advance the game.

The speed of the game is greater than that of others of this style so you have to modify the way you shoot. It is better to forget a little to aim at the head, at least while gaining experience in the competition. It is more likely to cause damage to the enemy if the shots are directed towards other body parts.

Another important point is not to stop moving, so the place where you camp is very good. Being in constant movement is more difficult to be surprised by the opponents as well as maneuver and attack better.

The high places are good to have a wider view of the terrain and the location of the enemy, but you have to be careful with this since from a certain height you can stay out of the game and count with only a few seconds to return to the limit.

An alternative to gain speed instead of using an Apex Legends hack, is to use the hills to slide down their slopes, this does not cause any damage to the character and allows to gain advantage in terms of the speed of movement and the benefits that this brings.

At the time of combat, it is necessary to be prepared and we do not mean to have an Apex Legends Aimbot available but to have a good team strategy and be clear that it develops much faster than other games of the genre.

Another strategy that some players use and that is to avoid being hit by enemy bullets is to jump after sliding.

You also have to be very careful about the executions, since exposure is high and while the focus is on eliminating an opponent, another may come to attack by surprise.

A small trick to climb higher is to open the doors and jump from them. This is not something new, on the contrary it is an old trick applied in other games but that also works in Apex Legends.

As you can see, it is not necessary to use an Apex Legends hack to advance the game. With some practice and applying tricks such as those mentioned, it is possible to improve and eventually achieve victory.

But if you still want to test the operation of a hack there are different options on the Internet, some are paid and others can be obtained for free. With these last ones, you have to be cautious because they can be deceptive offers that only seek money with advertising.

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Just a few months ago, Apex Legends came onto the market to revolutionize the world

Join Apex Legends Aimbot

Fans of video games have been pleased with the launch of Apex Legends, which despite having a format similar to other games, has managed to reach just a few weeks of its release astonishing figures from players around the world.

It is said that it surpassed in this aspect the famous Fortnite that took a little longer to reach the same number of players online.

However, it would be premature to say that he has outdone it, remember that Fortnite has almost two years in the market staying at the peak of popularity, which is not easy in a world where there is so much competition.

But beyond comparison, Apex Legends is undoubtedly a very entertaining and exciting game that is well worth trying.

It is a Battle Royale where 60 players land on a map where they must find weapons, objects and equipment for combat. Win the last one standing.

One of the particular characteristics of the game are its characters called legends. Each one has special abilities that are divided into three types: tactical skills, passive skills and definitive abilities.

The skills of some complement perfectly with the skills of others since teamwork is essential for success within the game. It is designed and designed in that way, that is, rather than alone it focuses on the group.

The teams or squads are formed by three players, whose first job together is to select their legends.

Another feature of the game that has left many surprised is the speed with which the games are developed. This of course adds emotion and increases competition.

The game is free distribution and is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is important to keep in mind that to play it from the PC it is necessary that the equipment has certain minimum requirements including Windows 7 64 bits, 6 GB of RAM and 22 GB of free hard disk space at least.

Characteristics of the game

As we mentioned before, the objective of the game is to survive on a map where you have to find weapons, equipment and objects to defend yourself and attack the enemy to be the last one left alive.

During the development of the games you can mark locations, enemies and objects. This marking system is one of the key elements of the game that you have to know how to use. It is a means of communication with colleagues, alternative to voice chat.

As in any competition, it is important to know how many you have to face. To do this, we have the in-game counter (top right) that indicates how many platoons are alive.

If you can not concentrate due to the constant comments and emotion of your colleagues, you can choose to silence them momentarily. However, it should not be forgotten that teamwork is the basis of Apex Legends and therefore communication with the other members of the squadron is fundamental, so it is recommended that the time of silence is not too long.

As for weapons, the game has about 20 different types between pistols, rifles, shotguns etc.

Tips to survive in Apex Legends

Each game has its tricks that many discover by their own experience and decide to share with the other players so that they also have the opportunity to improve in the game. Let’s see some of them.

Move without fear: More than a trick, it is a feature of the game that you have to know how to take advantage of and win: There is no damage due to falling.

This allows you to get the most out of vertical mobility without fear of injury. Remember that this type of movement prevents us from being easy target since it makes it difficult for the opponent to aim accurately.

Approaching the enemy: While in other games, the figure of the sniper is very important, in Apex Legends it is not so much since the focus is on the combats at medium and short distances. In this regard, it is recommended to have shotguns instead of long-range weapons.

Facing the enemy at long distance will not be very successful, it is better to do it in closed areas.

Do not aim only at the head: The custom in shooting games is to eliminate the enemy by shooting him directly to the head. In Apex Legends this may not be as effective because unless you use an aimbot (which is very badly seen) the dynamics of the game makes it really difficult to get it right.

For this reason it is recommended to also point to other areas such as the chest, there is more possibility of doing damage and also due to the recoil of the weapons can be hit in the head.

Look at the colors: Before taking the boxes left by players who have fallen, it is better to look at the color you have. Approaching to take one of these boxes is to expose yourself and it is better to make sure that the risk is worth it.

If the box is golden or purple is an indication that there are good things inside, so without lowering the guard or neglecting, you can think about taking it.

Now, if it is not of these colors, it is likely that it does not contain much of interest.

More points to survive than to kill: Although for each enemy that is harmed you get experience points, for Apex Legends to survive is even more valuable. Being stealthy, cautious and preventing opponents from doing damage also allows you to earn experience points.

Hacks for Apex Legends

Despite the little time you have in the market there are already hacks for this video game that allow to sharpen the aim, see through the walls, increase the speed, etc.

Before making use of these tricks, it is important to remember that they are not considered a valid resource and that if detected, there is a risk that the account will be blocked.

In addition the environment of the game is damaged and the competition is damaged.

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In February 2019, video game fans from all over the world celebrated the launch of
The games of the Battle Royale genre have the peculiarity of becoming a kind of
Being the last one to be alive and get the victory in Apex Legends is
Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free Battle
Just a few months ago, Apex Legends came onto the market to revolutionize the world

The new video game that everyone talks about

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free Battle Royale-style video game that since February 2019, when it was presented to the public, has captured the attention of millions of players around the world.

Fans of other games like the famous Fortnite or Pubg, have been tempted to try it and the truth is that they have been quite satisfied.

Let’s see some of the highlights of the game that has surprised many and made others tremble.

What is Apex Legends?

While you’ve probably heard about it, there’s never been another time before you start to review other aspects, give your definition.

Apex Legends is a video game that belongs to the Battle Royale genre or what is the same is a survival game.

It consists of placing the players, in this case 60, on a terrain or map where they must fight each other to be the last one standing.

When they jump off the plane, players do not have any weapons or equipment. During the game they should try to place them inside the field of play.

As the game progresses, the area becomes smaller and smaller, so clashes are more frequent and participants are forced to move quickly, increasing the pace of games, emotion and competition.

It is possible to level up by obtaining XP when playing games. In doing so, different types of rewards are received, such as legend cards or an Apex pack (packages of cosmetic elements or materials to make them).

So far the game only has a map named Canyon of the Kings.

Platforms and locations available

For the date Apex Legends is available for the following platforms:

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Xbox One

As for the countries where you can have access to the game taking into account the platform we have the following:

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, United States, South Africa.

PlayStation 4: Bahrain, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar , Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4: South Africa.

PlayStation 4 and PC: Thailand.

Requirements for PC

If you want to play Apex Legends from a desktop computer, it must have the following minimum requirements:

Windows 7 64 bits

Processor: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8 GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz with 4-core processor

Hard disk: With at least 22 GB of free space


GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730


Recommended requirements:

Windows 7 64 bits

Processor: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent

Hard disk: With at least 22 GB of free space


GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290


The legends of Apex

Legends is the name given to the characters in the game. Each one has particular skills that contribute something important to the team. These skills are classified into three categories: tactical skills, passive skills and definitive abilities.

Everyone has a story and a reason why they fight. Some are available at the start of the game, others are unlocked for 75,000 Apex coins. Let’s know who they are

Bangalore: Professional Soldier – Skills: Throw Smoke-Light Pass – Thunder rumble.

Bloodhound: Technological tracker – Skills: Omniscient eye – Tracker – Beast hunter.

Caustic: Toxic Trapper- Skills: Nox Gas Trap -Vision Nox – Gas Grenade Nox.

Gibraltar: Fortress shielded – Skills: Dome of protection – Coat of arms – Defensive bombing.

Lifeline: Medical combat – Skills: Dron doctor DOC – Medical combat – Survival pack.

Mirage: Holographic Rogue – Skills: Disarming – Disappearing.

Octane: Fast Acrobat – Skills: Adrenaline – Quick Repair – Jumping Platform.

Pathfinder: Advanced Explorer – Skills: Hook – Internal Knowledge – Lanzatirolinas.

Wraith: Interdimensional harasser – Skills: Voices of emptiness – Dimensional gap.


As it is easy to assume, weapons are key elements in the game. Certainly there are some better than others depending on the situation. The arsenal of the game has a total of 20 weapons among which are shotguns, precision rifles, pistols, assault rifles, among others.

It is recommended to have better results review the characteristics of each of them.

Battle pass

When speaking of a battle pass, reference is made to a season system that rewards players with exclusive cosmetic elements. Some of these elements can be unlocked by playing normally but you can also buy them.


The seasons of the game can be seen as a kind of update where new characters, rewards, booties and different battle passes are incorporated to unlock exclusive and improved content as you level up.

For the year 2019 Apex Legends has raised four seasons. The first season goes from deck to June and includes the Battle Pass.

The second would go from June to September, the third from September to December and the fourth from December to March.

As you can see, the whole year and the beginning of the next promises to be very exciting for all those who are already part of the Apex community.

Apex Legends has everything to become the new revolution of videogames, interesting characters with particular skills, excellent graphics, exciting games, etc.

So far has managed to capture the attention of millions of players around the world would wait to see if it is able to maintain this popularity over time.

To achieve it, without a doubt, would become part of the list of video games that have made history. Maybe you need to incorporate some details such as availability for Android. The most likely thing is that they are already working on that and sooner or later communicate the news to fans who hope to enjoy the game wherever they are.

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Fans of video games have been pleased with the launch of Apex Legends, which despite
Just a few months ago, Apex Legends came onto the market to revolutionize the world

What you need to know to start playing Apex Legends

Just a few months ago, Apex Legends came onto the market to revolutionize the world of video games by shaking icons like Fortnite.

It is a game of the Battle Royale genre available for free for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that although it would still be premature to say that it has surpassed Fortnite, it can not be denied that it has the potential to do so.

Among its features are the graphics and weapons that are not bad. From a PS4 with a good resolution TV the result is great.

The theme of the game is similar to that of Fortnite and Pubg, players jump from an airplane without weapons or any equipment since they must find them during the game. In total, 60 competitors participate, forming teams of three.

The characters that are available at the start of the game are eight, each with well-differentiated abilities and specific roles. Since the game is designed for teamwork, the skills of each character complement very well with that of the other characters.

The selection of these characters is the first thing that is done when you start the game. The three squad members participate in this selection, this being the first step to start working as a team. For this, one of the fundamental tools is the voice chat, which is available from that moment.

Apex Legends characters

Apex Legends characters have their own abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. There are the passive skills that are always in operation and the active ones that must be used manually.

In general lines the skills of the characters are classified as follows:

  • Tactical ability: These are abilities whose function is to carry out actions that do not have a direct impact on the opponents or on the same player but nevertheless are required within the game as part of the strategy to be able to win. An example of this type of skill is working with shields or setting up traps.
  • Passive Skill: These are the skills common to most characters of Battle Royale style games, such as speed, ability to perform an action or specific movement, etc.
  • Definitive ability: This type of skill is what usually has an effect on the opponent or on the partners themselves.

That said, let’s get to know the characters of the game that has given so much to talk in these last months.

Gibraltar: This is a wall character but also has offensive skills. It is perfect to attract enemies and force them into combat. He has the strength to protect himself and the entire team. It has the tactical ability dome of protection that allows to protect itself of the shots during 15 seconds.

You can also deploy a weapon shield that protects the player while firing. The only detail is that it does not cover the whole body.

Lifeline: It is available from the beginning of the game and focuses on support in different ways. In addition to having healing abilities you can request capsules of supplies which can be of great help at certain times.

It has a medical drone that connects to the ally and heals him whenever necessary. In addition, he can reanimate his teammates and partially protect him from shooting.

Bangalore: Just like Lifeline is available from the beginning and is the ideal way to learn how to play. It represents the typical soldier character with the skills of this style. It can throw smoke to disorient the enemies as well as eliminate them while they flee.

If an air strike is required, Bangalore will be responsible for requesting it.

Pathfinder: Their skills are focused on supporting the team to strengthen their cohesion and communication. As a tactical skill, it has a grapple that allows it to reach places elevated. In addition, when a fast transfer is required for special terrains, it is able to deploy a zip line and allow its team to position itself in an advantageous position.

Bloodhound: Also available from the beginning of the game is ideal for tracking tasks. Determine the location of the enemies and communicate it to their teammates. Displays traps and rivals on screen even though they are behind walls, floors and ceilings. You can move quickly and mark the goal.

Wraith: Playing with this character means acting stealthily, using your passive skills and surprising enemies. When it enters phase no one can detect it. In addition to choosing Wraith you can have a kind of voice that alerts on the proximity of enemies.

Its final ability consists of the placement of two portals that communicate with each other for a few seconds.

This character is available from the beginning.

Mirage: To unlock this character requires 750 Apex coins or 12,000 legend coins. His skills are based on deception so he can attack where he least expected.

It makes appear a double holographic that manages to confuse enemies. Your ultimate ability is to disappear while displaying several holograms

Caustic: As with Mirage, you need 12,000 legend coins or 750 Apex coins to unlock it. This character is the ideal when you want to place traps of all kinds strategically. It also contains enemies, forcing them to enter a fenced area and be able to make use of gas traps.

Knowing the skills of the characters is important to know the combination that is perfect according to the style of play that the team wants to develop.

Once the team is formed according to the skills of the characters it is also important to know which are the best weapons, objects and accessories.

Like any game of this genre, having the best weapons for combat is essential. The colors are used as a guide to identify what each equipment is used for.

Another key element in the game is the marking system. Thanks to him it can be pointed out, so that other comrades can see it, the location of weapons, resources and enemies.

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Being the last one to be alive and get the victory in Apex Legends is
Fans of video games have been pleased with the launch of Apex Legends, which despite
Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free Battle

Discover the best tips for Apex Legends

Just a few months ago Apex Legends was launched on the market, capturing the attention of many videogame fans in a short time.

It is a Batlle Royale style game, this means that to win you must finish all the opponents and be the only one to be alive. In the case of Apex Legends the winner is not a single character but a platoon.

The basis of the game is the same as in most games of this mode. The participants face each other in different scenarios or maps collecting weapons and equipment.

Throughout the different games teams are eliminated until finally there is only one. To win in this game you must think quickly and take advantage of the strengths of the team.

The game has innovative resources that represent an evolution of the genre, such as intelligent inventory with which you collect only what you need or recovery beacons to resuscitate teammates.

Hacks for Apex Legends

Despite the recent release, you can already find offers from Apex Legends Aimbot with which it is easier to overcome the difficulties of the game’s pointing mechanism. It seems to incorporate features such as advanced guidance, unlimited ammunition and of course automatic firing.

But in addition to having known the existence of Apex Legends Aimbot, you can also find other tricks such as Wallhack and Esp. With them it is possible to locate enemies easily and identify them as red spots through the radar in the game panel. If necessary, it can be deactivated easily and quickly.

Some of these hacks offer a free trial period after which if you want to continue enjoying Apex Legends Aimbot, Wallhack and Esp, you have to pay a subscription.

It is necessary to remember that although these tricks are very tempting, the truth is that it is cheating and often damages the environment of the competition.

It is not accepted by the creators of videogames, who make sure to incorporate mechanisms for detecting this type of software, or by the players themselves, as it obviously harms the competition.

Accounts that are discovered using hacks are usually suspended either temporarily or permanently.

 Advice for the novice players of Apex Legends

As we have already seen, with the hacks one can advance without major problem in the game, but being sincere a lot of the fun is lost. Nothing like discovering on your own tricks, techniques and strategies to defeat the contrary.

So instead of thinking about hacks, it is better to try and follow some basic tips.

The first advice we will give you is without a doubt that you never stop moving, no matter how good the place where you camp, since you have more possibilities to maneuver and surprise the enemy moving than staying in one place.

A simple trick, but one that will surely be very useful for climbing walls that are much higher than your character, is to run towards the wall while keeping the jump button pressed while looking up. Maybe it will not come out the first time, but with practice you will be able to reach increasing distances.

Be careful not to spend too much time in very high areas since from a certain height it is considered that you are outside the playing area and you only have thirty seconds to return.

Using the doors to climb higher is an old trick that also serves in Apex Legends. If you open the door and climb it you will reach more height jumping from there to other places even much higher.

To get a huge speed advantage, look for hills no matter how large they are since it is possible to slide down the slope indefinitely. This can be seen in the tutorial of the game, but as many times you do not see the tutorials or you do not get to catch all the tricks that are reflected in it, as we discussed here.

As for the fight we have to say that it has a faster pace than other games of the genre, so you must be prepared so that it does not surprise you. It depends a lot on teamwork and requires some strategies.

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Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free Battle

How to play Apex Legends

Just a few weeks after its launch, Apex Legends recorded an amazing 50 million players surpassing even the legendary Fortnite that took around two months to get 45 million.

The success of the game has surprised even its own creators who have confessed that they had some doubts about the acceptance of the public.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale style game where competitors face each other in order to be the last to stand. It is played in teams of three players and is characterized by the speed of the combats and the peculiarities of its characters.

In this videogame, teamwork is the key to success as well as speed in movements and reactions.

It is free and is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you are a beginner in the game, you will find the recommendations, tips and small tricks that we will mention in this article very well.

We have already said that it is a Battle Royale that works basically in the same way, that is, the characters land on different maps where they must get weapons and equipment to face the enemy platoons and kill them.

What can you do at Apex Legends?

  • Communicate by marking objects, locations or enemies. This is very good for players who are not lovers of voice chat.
  • Silence your colleagues in case they do not let you concentrate. You can do this from the second tab of the inventory, locating the player’s name and selecting the corresponding option. This is good to do at times if you think you need it, but remember that communication with the team is essential in Apex Legends.
  • Know how many platoons are alive. You can see this information in the in-game counter located at the top right.
  • Climb walls. It is also worth using the trick of using doors to reach more height.
  • Move with total freedom without fear of falling damage because in the game that does not exist.
  • Slide on slopes no matter what size they are.
  • Crouch but not go to bed.

Combat, weapons and equipment

As we have already mentioned, one of the main characteristics of Apex Legends is the speed of the fighting. Many players at first have been totally surprised and with no chance to react in time. So stay alert and sharpen your senses.

Jumping after sliding helps during the fight to make it much more difficult for you to get an enemy bullet.

Executions are a double-edged sword and you should be very careful if you decide to do so since the exposure is high and the enemy can detect you more easily. However, if you do it, you receive a special bonus.

Use the ultis with caution, you can take better advantage of the time it takes you to execute it, firing.

As for weapons, players prefer the SMG R99 combined with Devotion LMG.

 Hacks for Apex Legends

Not only are the combats fast in Apex Legends, the speed with which hackers worked to create tricks like Apex Legends Aimbot is surprising.

For many it is not surprising given the popularity and level of competition that the game has achieved in such a short time.

According to hackers with Apex Legends say Aimbot fail to shoot is not possible. Locating your enemies easily and attacking them by surprise is a children’s game with Wallhack and Esp.

They offer up to a free trial period so you can check the advantages of using these tricks.

As is well known, hacks are considered cheating and are not allowed by the creators of the game and much less by the players.

A player who uses Apex Legends Aimbot obviously has a clear advantage over others by turning the game into an unequal competition.

Many have been the accounts suspended so far by the use of these tricks since Respawn is not willing to allow them to invade the environment and damage the success obtained.

They also encourage competitors to be alert to the suspicion of any cheating player, who report it to be investigated and suspended if necessary. The real fans appreciate these actions.

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In February 2019, video game fans from all over the world celebrated the launch of
The games of the Battle Royale genre have the peculiarity of becoming a kind of
Being the last one to be alive and get the victory in Apex Legends is
Fans of video games have been pleased with the launch of Apex Legends, which despite
Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free Battle

Learn to play Apex Legends: Cheats and hacks

Respawn has taken pains to take care of all the details of its most recent FPS, Apex Legends, which is why, just a few months after its launch, it already has a large number of fans.

It is a free Battle Royale game where several teams face each other and the last one standing is the winner.

Each character has its own characteristics and abilities, which you must know and learn to manage if you want to be successful and achieve victory.

Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC offers a fast combat as well as innovative elements within its genre.

Like many other Battle Royale games, the competitors land on a map where they collect weapons and equipment to confront the enemies, which in this game are sixty.

For those who still do not know the game, we will tell you that the teams are made up of 3 players. This does not mean that you can not play alone, in that case the teams are completed with other players who are also alone.

The games last between 15 and 25 minutes because there are fewer players and smaller maps than in other games.

Although the booty is distributed throughout the map there are areas where you can find a more attractive booty.

Tricks on weapons and combat in Apex Legends

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the combat in Apex Legends is much faster than in other games of the same style and is not designed to work individually but as a team.

Because of that combat speed, it is better to try to aim at the chest and forget a little of the direct head shots in Apex Legends Aimbot style. Although it seems a bit strange, if you aim at the chest you will have more chance to hit the head.

Do not pay attention to the enemies that are lying down, follow your path and do not stop to eliminate them since you will be an easy target and the eliminated is probably you.

Pomegranates are not a good option for emergencies since it is necessary to activate them first before launching them. It’s time to think very well then what is the best time to use them.

Take advantage of all opportunities to attack the enemy, pay attention to the sound of the shields falling, this will give you the warning that there is an opponent fleeing without a shield. Warn your team.

All the weapons that are collected have a whole charger, so you can use it as soon as you do.

In Apex Legends the bullets face gravity and distance, unlike other games, so a good trick is to point ahead to the opponents that are running and in case of sniper shots from far, a little up.

To gain experience in the game is better to survive for longer than killing more enemies. So if you want to become an expert, pay more attention to this at least for a while.

Hacks for Apex Legends

For anyone is a secret that just makes its appearance a video game that promises to be highly competitive, soon and surprisingly, you can find in the network hacks like Apex Legends Aimbot.

If you are familiar with videogames, you will know what a hack is, but since we do not have to assume anything, we will say that a hack also known as cheat is a program that provides superior skills to the characters of the game, allowing them to do extraordinary things without any effort. .

For example, if you use Apex Legends Aimbot the possibility that you fail to shoot is practically zero and if you use Wallhack, the location of the enemies is very easy.

But we know that this is a trap and that it also damages the game environment, damaging the competition.

To curb the increased use of these tricks, Respawn has taken serious action against cheating players by banning their accounts. The figures for suspended accounts exceed 16,000.

The creators of the game are determined not to allow this type of practice in their game and encourage other players to report the suspects.

So if you’re thinking about using some of these tricks, you’d better think twice.

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The games of the Battle Royale genre have the peculiarity of becoming a kind of
Being the last one to be alive and get the victory in Apex Legends is
Fans of video games have been pleased with the launch of Apex Legends, which despite
Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free Battle

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