Discover the best tips for Apex Legends

Discover The Best Tips For Apex Legends
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Just a few months ago Apex Legends was launched on the market, capturing the attention of many videogame fans in a short time.

It is a Batlle Royale style game, this means that to win you must finish all the opponents and be the only one to be alive. In the case of Apex Legends the winner is not a single character but a platoon.

The basis of the game is the same as in most games of this mode. The participants face each other in different scenarios or maps collecting weapons and equipment.

Throughout the different games teams are eliminated until finally there is only one. To win in this game you must think quickly and take advantage of the strengths of the team.

The game has innovative resources that represent an evolution of the genre, such as intelligent inventory with which you collect only what you need or recovery beacons to resuscitate teammates.

Hacks for Apex Legends

Despite the recent release, you can already find offers from Apex Legends Aimbot with which it is easier to overcome the difficulties of the game’s pointing mechanism. It seems to incorporate features such as advanced guidance, unlimited ammunition and of course automatic firing.

But in addition to having known the existence of Apex Legends Aimbot, you can also find other tricks such as Wallhack and Esp. With them it is possible to locate enemies easily and identify them as red spots through the radar in the game panel. If necessary, it can be deactivated easily and quickly.

Some of these hacks offer a free trial period after which if you want to continue enjoying Apex Legends Aimbot Wallhack and Esp, you have to pay a subscription.

It is necessary to remember that although these tricks are very tempting, the truth is that it is cheating and often damages the environment of the competition.

It is not accepted by the creators of videogames, who make sure to incorporate mechanisms for detecting this type of software, or by the players themselves, as it obviously harms the competition.

Accounts that are discovered using hacks are usually suspended either temporarily or permanently.

 Advice for the novice players of Apex Legends

As we have already seen, with the hacks one can advance without major problem in the game, but being sincere a lot of the fun is lost. Nothing like discovering on your own tricks, techniques and strategies to defeat the contrary.

So instead of thinking about hacks, it is better to try and follow some basic tips.

The first advice we will give you is without a doubt that you never stop moving, no matter how good the place where you camp, since you have more possibilities to maneuver and surprise the enemy moving than staying in one place.

A simple trick, but one that will surely be very useful for climbing walls that are much higher than your character, is to run towards the wall while keeping the jump button pressed while looking up. Maybe it will not come out the first time, but with practice you will be able to reach increasing distances.

Be careful not to spend too much time in very high areas since from a certain height it is considered that you are outside the playing area and you only have thirty seconds to return.

Using the doors to climb higher is an old trick that also serves in Apex Legends. If you open the door and climb it you will reach more height jumping from there to other places even much higher.

To get a huge speed advantage, look for hills no matter how large they are since it is possible to slide down the slope indefinitely. This can be seen in the tutorial of the game, but as many times you do not see the tutorials or you do not get to catch all the tricks that are reflected in it, as we discussed here.

As for the fight we have to say that it has a faster pace than other games of the genre, so you must be prepared so that it does not surprise you. It depends a lot on teamwork and requires some strategies.

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