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May 12, 2019
May 12, 2019 admin

Fans of video games have been pleased with the launch of Apex Legends, which despite having a format similar to other games, has managed to reach just a few weeks of its release astonishing figures from players around the world.

It is said that it surpassed in this aspect the famous Fortnite that took a little longer to reach the same number of players online.

However, it would be premature to say that he has outdone it, remember that Fortnite has almost two years in the market staying at the peak of popularity, which is not easy in a world where there is so much competition.

But beyond comparison, Apex Legends is undoubtedly a very entertaining and exciting game that is well worth trying.

It is a Battle Royale where 60 players land on a map where they must find weapons, objects and equipment for combat. Win the last one standing.

One of the particular characteristics of the game are its characters called legends. Each one has special abilities that are divided into three types: tactical skills, passive skills and definitive abilities.

The skills of some complement perfectly with the skills of others since teamwork is essential for success within the game. It is designed and designed in that way, that is, rather than alone it focuses on the group.

The teams or squads are formed by three players, whose first job together is to select their legends.

Another feature of the game that has left many surprised is the speed with which the games are developed. This of course adds emotion and increases competition.

The game is free distribution and is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is important to keep in mind that to play it from the PC it is necessary that the equipment has certain minimum requirements including Windows 7 64 bits, 6 GB of RAM and 22 GB of free hard disk space at least.

Characteristics of the game

As we mentioned before, the objective of the game is to survive on a map where you have to find weapons, equipment and objects to defend yourself and attack the enemy to be the last one left alive.

During the development of the games you can mark locations, enemies and objects. This marking system is one of the key elements of the game that you have to know how to use. It is a means of communication with colleagues, alternative to voice chat.

As in any competition, it is important to know how many you have to face. To do this, we have the in-game counter (top right) that indicates how many platoons are alive.

If you can not concentrate due to the constant comments and emotion of your colleagues, you can choose to silence them momentarily. However, it should not be forgotten that teamwork is the basis of Apex Legends and therefore communication with the other members of the squadron is fundamental, so it is recommended that the time of silence is not too long.

As for weapons, the game has about 20 different types between pistols, rifles, shotguns etc.

Tips to survive in Apex Legends

Each game has its tricks that many discover by their own experience and decide to share with the other players so that they also have the opportunity to improve in the game. Let’s see some of them.

Move without fear: More than a trick, it is a feature of the game that you have to know how to take advantage of and win: There is no damage due to falling.

This allows you to get the most out of vertical mobility without fear of injury. Remember that this type of movement prevents us from being easy target since it makes it difficult for the opponent to aim accurately.

Approaching the enemy: While in other games, the figure of the sniper is very important, in Apex Legends it is not so much since the focus is on the combats at medium and short distances. In this regard, it is recommended to have shotguns instead of long-range weapons.

Facing the enemy at long distance will not be very successful, it is better to do it in closed areas.

Do not aim only at the head: The custom in shooting games is to eliminate the enemy by shooting him directly to the head. In Apex Legends this may not be as effective because unless you use an aimbot (which is very badly seen) the dynamics of the game makes it really difficult to get it right.

For this reason it is recommended to also point to other areas such as the chest, there is more possibility of doing damage and also due to the recoil of the weapons can be hit in the head.

Look at the colors: Before taking the boxes left by players who have fallen, it is better to look at the color you have. Approaching to take one of these boxes is to expose yourself and it is better to make sure that the risk is worth it.

If the box is golden or purple is an indication that there are good things inside, so without lowering the guard or neglecting, you can think about taking it.

Now, if it is not of these colors, it is likely that it does not contain much of interest.

More points to survive than to kill: Although for each enemy that is harmed you get experience points, for Apex Legends to survive is even more valuable. Being stealthy, cautious and preventing opponents from doing damage also allows you to earn experience points.

Hacks for Apex Legends

Despite the little time you have in the market there are already hacks for this video game that allow to sharpen the aim, see through the walls, increase the speed, etc.

Before making use of these tricks, it is important to remember that they are not considered a valid resource and that if detected, there is a risk that the account will be blocked.

In addition the environment of the game is damaged and the competition is damaged.

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