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In February 2019, video game fans from all over the world celebrated the launch of Apex Legends. Although it is another game of the genre Battle Royale caused great excitement in the community, managing to register around 50 million players from different latitudes.

Its success was such that even its creators were surprised and its closest competitor, the well-known Fortnite, was confronted for the first time in a long time with a contender that made him tremble.

Apex Legends has interesting characters, each with special abilities and powers. The game is designed to work as a team, which is why there must be great cooperation between players, communication and a good strategy.

As often happens with this type of games where the competition is very strong, shortly after its release you could find one or another Apex Legends hacks, or what is the same, tricks that allow you to get a great advantage over the rest of the competitors. One of the most sought after in no doubt the Apex Legends Aimbot, thanks to its lethal power.

But before talking with a little more detail about these tricks, we will review the main features of the game.

It has already been said that it belongs to the Battle Royale genre, this means that it consists of the confrontation of several players resulting in the winner the last one remaining alive. It starts landing in a field without having any weapons or equipment, these must be sought at the same time you have to avoid being eliminated by the other players.

Apex Legends can be obtained for free and is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Android devices.

If you are a beginner in the game or do not have much experience in Battle Royale, you may be tempted to use some Apex Legends hack, but before doing so, it is necessary to bear in mind that this is penalized by the game and that if your use, the safest thing is that you are suspended either temporarily or permanently.

One of the features that most attracts the attention of the game is that it allows you to move freely, since damage from falls does not exist in Apex Legends. It is also possible to slide down slopes no matter how steep your slope is, to know how many platoons remain alive and mark enemies, locations and objects.

The Apex Legends hacks

As already mentioned, the creation and use of hacks in popular videogames like this one is common and its use is quite common.

There are different types of Apex Legends hack depending on the actions to which they are focused.

For example, the Apex Legends Aimbot are related to the effectiveness of the shots. With this hack it is possible to overcome the aiming mechanisms of the game that turn out to be somewhat complicated, at least while they know each other well.

When using Apex Legends Aimbot several features are available such as automatic triggering, advanced guidance and unlimited ammunition. The shots are aimed directly at the opponents’ heads, eliminating them quickly and effortlessly.

The accuracy is maintained regardless of the distance. The shots will always hit the target even if the target is running, is traveling by zip line, jumps or remains in continuous movement.

Apex Legends Aimbot allows the use of a sniper weapon to be deadly as it overrides the properties of bullets related to propagation, recoil and speed.

This hack, although it is lethal has the disadvantage that is easily detected by both the security systems of the games and the players, who suspect immediately when a competitor is able to hit the target every time he shoots regardless of what conditions it is.

For this reason, if it is used, it is best to do with discretion, that is, activate and deactivate it during the game in such a way that sometimes it is correct and sometimes not, to simulate a natural behavior.

Another very useful hack in Apex Legends is the one known as Wallhack or ESP. With him it is possible to know the location of enemies who are refugees in buildings or hidden behind walls.

It also provides information on the type of weapons they have, their state of health and their name, which is a great advantage over opponents.

On the other hand, it also places munitions and booties, which are necessary and of great importance during the competition.

The Wallhack is harder to detect than the Apex Legends Aimbot in spite of being lethal as he is, many prefer it.

Risks of using hacks in Apex Legends

Anyone can think that using hacks guarantees victory, but in reality it is not like that. When these tricks are used, there is a risk that the account will be blocked, thus losing everything that has been achieved so far.

Many will think that it does not matter because you can easily get another one and start over. While it is true, in the case of those players who have some recognition, being caught cheating can seriously affect their reputation.

On the other hand, when they are downloaded there is a possibility that it does not work as described. There have even been cases of powerful viruses that are found in this type of software.

In addition to this, the uncontrolled use of hacks makes a game lose popularity and excitement. Compete when you know you are always going to win (for those who use hacks) or otherwise, you will always lose (for those who have to face those who use them), there is nothing fun.

This is why many decide to abandon the competition and prefer other games where the use of hacks is lower or in case it is controlled and sanctioned.

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