What you need to know to start playing Apex Legends

Start Playing Apex Legends
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Just a few months ago, Apex Legends came onto the market to revolutionize the world of video games by shaking icons like Fortnite.

It is a game of the Battle Royale genre available for free for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that although it would still be premature to say that it has surpassed Fortnite, it can not be denied that it has the potential to do so.

Among its features are the graphics and weapons that are not bad. From a PS4 with a good resolution TV the result is great.

The theme of the game is similar to that of Fortnite and Pubg, players jump from an airplane without weapons or any equipment since they must find them during the game. In total, 60 competitors participate, forming teams of three.

The characters that are available at the start of the game are eight, each with well-differentiated abilities and specific roles. Since the game is designed for teamwork, the skills of each character complement very well with that of the other characters.

The selection of these characters is the first thing that is done when you start the game. The three squad members participate in this selection, this being the first step to start working as a team. For this, one of the fundamental tools is the voice chat, which is available from that moment.

Apex Legends characters

Apex Legends characters have their own abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. There are the passive skills that are always in operation and the active ones that must be used manually.

In general lines the skills of the characters are classified as follows:

  • Tactical ability: These are abilities whose function is to carry out actions that do not have a direct impact on the opponents or on the same player but nevertheless are required within the game as part of the strategy to be able to win. An example of this type of skill is working with shields or setting up traps.
  • Passive Skill: These are the skills common to most characters of Battle Royale style games, such as speed, ability to perform an action or specific movement, etc.
  • Definitive ability: This type of skill is what usually has an effect on the opponent or on the partners themselves.

That said, let’s get to know the characters of the game that has given so much to talk in these last months.

Gibraltar: This is a wall character but also has offensive skills. It is perfect to attract enemies and force them into combat. He has the strength to protect himself and the entire team. It has the tactical ability dome of protection that allows to protect itself of the shots during 15 seconds.

You can also deploy a weapon shield that protects the player while firing. The only detail is that it does not cover the whole body.

Lifeline: It is available from the beginning of the game and focuses on support in different ways. In addition to having healing abilities you can request capsules of supplies which can be of great help at certain times.

It has a medical drone that connects to the ally and heals him whenever necessary. In addition, he can reanimate his teammates and partially protect him from shooting.

Bangalore: Just like Lifeline is available from the beginning and is the ideal way to learn how to play. It represents the typical soldier character with the skills of this style. It can throw smoke to disorient the enemies as well as eliminate them while they flee.

If an air strike is required, Bangalore will be responsible for requesting it.

Pathfinder: Their skills are focused on supporting the team to strengthen their cohesion and communication. As a tactical skill, it has a grapple that allows it to reach places elevated. In addition, when a fast transfer is required for special terrains, it is able to deploy a zip line and allow its team to position itself in an advantageous position.

Bloodhound: Also available from the beginning of the game is ideal for tracking tasks. Determine the location of the enemies and communicate it to their teammates. Displays traps and rivals on screen even though they are behind walls, floors and ceilings. You can move quickly and mark the goal.

Wraith: Playing with this character means acting stealthily, using your passive skills and surprising enemies. When it enters phase no one can detect it. In addition to choosing Wraith you can have a kind of voice that alerts on the proximity of enemies.

Its final ability consists of the placement of two portals that communicate with each other for a few seconds.

This character is available from the beginning.

Mirage: To unlock this character requires 750 Apex coins or 12,000 legend coins. His skills are based on deception so he can attack where he least expected.

It makes appear a double holographic that manages to confuse enemies. Your ultimate ability is to disappear while displaying several holograms

Caustic: As with Mirage, you need 12,000 legend coins or 750 Apex coins to unlock it. This character is the ideal when you want to place traps of all kinds strategically. It also contains enemies, forcing them to enter a fenced area and be able to make use of gas traps.

Knowing the skills of the characters is important to know the combination that is perfect according to the style of play that the team wants to develop.

Once the team is formed according to the skills of the characters it is also important to know which are the best weapons, objects and accessories.

Like any game of this genre, having the best weapons for combat is essential. The colors are used as a guide to identify what each equipment is used for.

Another key element in the game is the marking system. Thanks to him it can be pointed out, so that other comrades can see it, the location of weapons, resources and enemies.

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